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Profile: Bernice Angoh

Writer & Poet

As a contributing author to the bestselling, mega-franchise, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Bernice Angoh is a celebrated writer, poet and mystic.

Dubbed the Maya Angelou of our time and ‘Rumi-woman incarnate’, this consummate word weaver shines in a class of her own.

With several published books, and four more to be released in the New Year, the literary world stands to gain from whatever Miss Angoh has to offer.

Her words are motivational, soul-stirring and transformational - It’s no wonder she’s called ‘The love alchemist’.

Bernice is a mother, a visionary, a humanitarian and a nature lover. 

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Profile: Raeshall Solomon

Literacy Author

For the past four years Raeshal Solomon have devoted a portion of her life to write children's books dedicated to teaching children about debt, earning, saving, investing, and giving money. 

My Little Banker books give parents and kids an innovative way to create conversations about issues dealing with money. With a diversity of easy to understand stories and beautifully illustrated pages, My Little Banker allows children to easily comprehend complex topics that may otherwise be learned the hard way. 

She is committed to teaching and inspiring a whole new generation with her current book tour. 

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