LUX Atlanta
A branch of LUX Group of Companies

About Us:

D (Dora) Bryant is the Founder and CEO of LUX, an International Company with branches in Atlanta and London.
She is the Chief Operating Officer of Playmakers Basketball Royalties, a Company that owns 2 Basketball teams: The Atlanta Monarchs (WBCBL) and the upcoming ATL Pharaohs (ABA) Basketball Teams. 

D recognized a problem faced by Cameroonian and other African Artists: There were quite a number of very talented acts... but what they lacked was a  decent level of International Exposure. Being in a position to help...KamerFest was Born.

LUX recently received an honorable mention from a Fox Sports London Journalist. She is mentored by Celebrity Grammy-Voting Member, G. Moody, who happens to be an Investor, Philantropist, Best Selling Author and 3X BizBash Awards "Event Producer of the Year" Nominee. 

She very recently became a Minority Owner of a new Talk Show/Sales Network Channel.